Posted by: KristenErin | June 4, 2011

When the student is ready the teacher will come

I’ve always been a physically active person. I have been dancing for 7 years now, and throughout the years I’ve enjoyed different forms of exercise, such as and Ab Core class or Spinning. I’ve been to yoga classes before at the YMCA, but this time yoga was different. I was told that I was short on my elective credits for school, and hoping to be finished at the community college by the end of summer, I was determined to take the extra classes over the summer. I was lucky enough to get into a yoga class! The first day of class the teacher gave us a bit of background information on yoga. It was very enlightening, I had never been given information on yoga, other than poses. By the end of the class something inside me clicked and I realized this class is just what I needed. My mom had died in 2009 and my dad died back in December. While I’ve been handling things very well,  I am a very strong person, I am sure there are some subconscious suppressed feelings and emotions, seeing as I have my moments of  random depression. I realized that this yoga class was going to be the thing to help me find true happiness again. I shared these feelings with my teacher and she told me ” That’s how it works, when the student is ready, the teacher will come”. After that class I knew yoga was something I wanted as part of my life.


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