Posted by: KristenErin | June 6, 2011

The breath in your lungs & the beat in your heart

In my second yoga class for the summer semester, my teacher asked us what we were grateful for. People started listing off things like friends, family, pets, health, education, and so on. My teacher asked us to think smaller so the gift of eye sight, and being able to walk were mentioned. Once again, she asked us to think smaller and then says, “What about the breath in your lungs? Or the beat in your heart?” these things are completely taken for granted. Becoming aware of this has given me a new perspective on things I am grateful for.


We were also asked to come up with our own life mantra, a word or saying that creates a positive vibe on life. After much thought, and many examples, I decided what I wanted most was to love and to be loved (as cliché as this sounds). This is the mantra I chose because I want to love what I do, I want to love the people around me, love life and most of all to have the love be returned to me. Not just superficial love but true unconditional love.



After just two weeks (only two classes) my best friend Allie, who I was talking to about my yoga experience, said I seemed more peaceful. I knew that the rest of the day after my yoga class I felt more stress free and happier, but I hadn’t realized that it carried on throughout the week as well.


Here are a couple of things I am feeling grateful for today:

•The breath in my lungs & the beat in my heart! (This will always be on the top of my list now)

•My internal alarm clock

•My best friend & her parents

•Henry & Tara (my dogs)

•My family

•Anyone reading this



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